Tuesday, 5 June 2018

UK 30th Anniversary Seminar

Wow...what a week!

Gradings, guest instructors, school owners meetings, black belt training, showcase of excellence, seminar, presentations and promotions, training, learning, meeting Choi Kwang-Do friends and family, old and new, from around the UK and beyond - this week had it all.

Updates in the form of pictures and videos are currently in full swing across across the usual social media channels, and we suspect that this will continue for the next several days as students and instructors return to their respective schools, countries and training routines.

If you were present for any part of the events and have pictures that you are happy to share, please forward them so we can collate a small album. We truly hope that you were inspired by witnessing Grandmaster Choi explain and demonstrate the martial art that we study and teach at Ealing Choi Kwang-Do.

If you weren't present then make the most of the flow of updates as they are the next best thing! Until we get round to sharing some of our favourites moments we'd suggest starting with the CKD London 2018 Facebook Group which you can view here.

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