Friday, 9 November 2007

White Belt & White Belt Senior Syllabus Sheets

Syllabus Sheets are the easiest way to compliment your class attendance and suport your learning of the Choi Kwang-Do system. For each belt rank in Choi Kwang-Do the Syllabus Sheet details the following:

1. New Techniques (punching/striking and kicking)
2. Pattern (including the name of the pattern and the individual movements - learn both!)
3. Speed Drill (Yellow Belt and above)
4. Defence Drill (including a brief explanation of the procedure)
5. Shield Drill, aka. Target Attack Drill (including a brief explanation of the procedure)
6. Close Range (this is only a grading requirement for students aged 13 years +)

Download the White Belt Syllabus Sheet

Download the White Belt Senior Syllabus Sheet

For obvious reasons, these are the only Syllabus Sheets that will be posted here. If you have recently been promoted follow a grading and have not received your new Syllabus Sheet, please let me know and I will send it via email.