Saturday, 29 June 2013

25th Anniversary Seminar: A Visual Review

Can you believe that a month has passed since the seminar?

If you attended any of the anniversary events (black belt gradings, instructor training, showcase of excellence, seminar, banquet...not to mention the numerous ad-hoc social events inbetween) I sincerely hope you had an enjoyable time.

I hope you'll share your experiences with other students to help them understand how important it is that they attend future events. I also hope that you gained a deeper understanding and appreciation – not just of Choi Kwang-Do, but also of the fact you are part of a much bigger family than our students at Ealing CKD alone.

If you missed the event I've posted 3 of my favourite 'review' videos for you to enjoy; visual accounts of the week long celebration of 25 years of Choi Kwang-Do in the UK. Don't forget that there are many more available on YouTube.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Black Belt Grading - June 2013

June's Black Belt Grading will be held this Sunday 9th at Wembley CKD. The scheduled grading times are as follows:

10.00 Dan Test: Brown Senior, 1st Degree Brown & 2nd Degree Brown
12.00 Tag Test 1: 1st Degree Plain & Yellow
12.50 Tag Test 2: 1st Degree Gold, Orange, Green & Blue
1.40 Tag Test 3: 1st Degree Blue, Purple & Red. 2nd Degree Plain, Gold, Green, Blue & Red. 3rd Degree Plain, Gold & Blue
2.30 Scheduled Finish

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