Saturday, 23 July 2011

Excellence - July/August 2011

This newsletter contains full details of our summer schedule including Leadership & Black Belt Training in August and the next Coloured Belt Grading.

Download Excellence (July/August 2011)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ealing CKD Summer Schedule 2011

Our summer schedule of classes has now been confirmed. From Monday 25th July until Wednesday 24th August we will be training at:

Crowne Plaza London Ealing
Hanger Lane Gyratory
Western Avenue
London W5 1HG
Click here for a map of Crowne Plaza London Ealing

Many of you are familiar with training at the hotel and most classes will take place in the Knightsbridge Suite on the lower ground floor at the following times.

6.30pm - 7.20pm Children all ranks
7.30pm - 8.30pm Teens & Adults all ranks

The dates for these classes are as follows:

Monday 25th July & Wednesday 27th July
Monday 1st August & Wednesday 3rd August
Monday 8th August & Wednesday 10th August
Monday 15th August & Wednesday 17th August
Monday 22nd August & Wednesday 24th August

The Coloured Belt Grading will take place on Wednesday 17th August.

NB. There are some changes to class time and/or location on the following dates:

Monday 8th August & Wednesday 10th August - Westminster Suite
5.30 Children Beginners
6.30 Children Intermediate & Advanced
7.30 Teens & Adults White - Yellow Senior
8.30 Teens & Adults Gold Belt and above

Monday 15th August - Knightsbridge Suite
7.00 Children all ranks
8.00 Teens & Adults all ranks

Wednesday 17th August - Knightsbridge Suite
6.30 Children all ranks
7.30 Teens & Adults all ranks

Monday 22nd August & Wednesday 24th August
6.30 Children all ranks
7.30 Teens & Adults all ranks

After the class on Wednesday 24th August we break up for the summer returning to Ellen Wilkinson School at the usual times on Monday 12th September.

When at the hotel the usual parking procedures apply. Please obtain a permit before attending the class.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Create Your Own Student Manual

The Student Manual is an essential resource for Choi Kwang-Do students and instructors alike. Here's what you'll need to create your own:

1. A computer (or access to one) to login to the Choi Kwang-Do Student Area. Access is included with your school membership. You'll need you Student ID and PIN to login which would have been included in your welcome letter. Feel free to contact me for a reminder.

2. A printer (or access to one) and A4 paper to print out the syllabus sheets.

3. A4 file pockets. These are optional but you can get them from any stationary shop. If you're not using file pockets, you'll need a hole punch.

4. A4 folder. I've used this plastic ring binder from WH Smith. £4.29

5. Front cover insert. Make your own or download one I've created. It's in MS Word format in case you wish to personalise it, eg. with your name.

Next, all you need to do is:

1. Login to the Student Area.
2. Print the required Syllabus Sheets.
3. Insert in the file pockets or hole punch.
4. File the Syllabus Sheets in the folder in ascending belt order.

That's it...apart from repeating this process after each successful belt promotion!

You can do this without the plastic pockets, but they will help to protect the sheets as they accumulate and protect against wear and tear during transit to and from class.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Leadership & Black Belt Training - 08/07/2011

July's Leadership & Black Belt Training takes place on Friday 8th. As well as being required training for seniors and instructors, this is also the best chance for Black Belts to cover new syllabus material following the Black Belt Grading in June.

Crowne Plaza London Ealing
Western Avenue
Hanger Lane Gyratory System
London W5 1HG
Click here for a map of Crowne Plaza London Ealing

6.30 - 7.00pm Leadership Training (Junior Leadership Team, AIs, HIs & CIs)
7.00 - 9.00pm Black Belt Training (All Black Belts. Advanced level students upon invitation)

Unlike previous years, there is a chance that there will be a class in August. Details to follow.