Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Getting Started With Virtual Training

Is virtual martial arts training an exact replacement for 'face to face' classes? Of course not...but they have grown in popularity given the current pandemic, and with an understanding of the limitations - physical interaction and impact training being the most obvious - virtual training can provide a convenient and productive alternative.

Whether attending a live, online class led by an instructor, training with pre-recorded videos, or submitting videos for feedback from your instructor, consider virtual training as an innovative way to develop new skills and maintain a health routine from your home...or anywhere you have an internet connection!

How Does It Work?

If you've been wondering how virtual martial arts training works, the following shortlist of tips and advice may prove helpful:

  • You do not need a large training space. Most activities can be conducted in a 1m x 2m space, or modified that they can be performed in a smaller space if that is all you have available.

  • Our online martial arts classes are delivered via the Zoom video conferencing application. If using a desktop or laptop you can use Zoom via your web browser without installing any software or creating an account. If using a tablet or mobile phone you will need to install the app from your devices app store and an account is required.

  • Aim to connect to an online class a few minutes before the scheduled start time. This will ensure you have time to resolve any technical issues that may arise when connecting. You can also join the class directly from the Online Classes page in our members area.

  • Microphones are kept muted during classes aside from (1) right at the beginning so students can be greeted and recite the promise, principles and pledge, and (2) at the end so students can close the class together, say goodbyes and the instructor can answer any final questions. 

  • Live instruction, demonstrations and feedback are provided during the class to ensure students are training correctly (just like a 'normal' class, just through your device!) However, as microphones are muted, if you have a question it's best to wave to indicate this and your microphone can be unmuted and any queries addressed.

  • We ask that a parent of any children attending the online class remain close by to help children stay focused and fully participate. Alternatively, they can always join in with them!

  • Online gradings create motivation by defining learning objectives along with target dates for assessment. For example, our students recently submitted videos for written feedback on their progress in advance of an upcoming grading.

  • If training with pre-recorded videos, obviously live feedback is not possible but does offer more flexibility in that you are not tied to a specific class time. Just watch the video and train! These can be found in the Video Training section of our members area and a new 30 minute video class is currently released each week.

Lastly, don't forget: technology can enhance our lives greatly, but just like 'face-to-face' classes, there's no escaping the fact that online martial arts training still requires a commitment to regular practise. So however you are currently training...keep practising!

Jason Wright is a 6th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor at Ealing Choi Kwang-Do. Classes are temporarily suspended and virtual training is available instead. For more information please visit