Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Black Belt Grading - December 2016

We're pleased to announce that we we have 5 students who will be taking part in the Regional Black Belt Grading on Sunday 4th December:

Honey Hawre, Rishita Rallabandi and Abbaad Mahmood will be grading for 1st degree black belt, while Mr Joao Pires and Mrs Catia Oliveira (who lead our Wednesday classes) will be grading for 3rd degree! They will grading with students from CKD schools across London and beyond.

If you're in the advanced stage of CKD, ie. purple belt and above, I recommend taking the time to attend and watch a black belt grading as part of your preparation; those who have done this before all agree that it is really beneficial to get an idea of what you will be expected to do in advance of your grading. There are also many who come just to support their fellow students.

The grading will be held at Wembley CKD School:

Barham Primary School
Danethorpe Road
Middx. HA0 4RQ

1st degrees at 10.00am, 2nd and 3rd degrees at 11.45am.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Coloured Belt Grading - November 2016

Our last Coloured Belt Grading for 2016 will be held this Wednesday 23rd November. As usual, the grading will be held within class time so students should attend class as normal. Some final preparation will take place in classes on Monday 21st after which the grading list will be sent out.