Thursday, 1 November 2018

Maintaining Your Martial Arts Motivation - Part 2

We have a number of students preparing for the Regional Black Belt Grading coming up on 25th November. There's nothing like an immovable deadline to inspire your motivation levels!

Yet, to get to this stage of putting together final preparations for black belt doesn't happen overnight. It will have been the result of years of regular class attendance, training and commitment. All black belts were once white belts and over this duration of time it's natural that motivation levels will fluctuate.

Regardless which belt you currently are, here are some tips for staying motivated along your martial arts journey:

If You're Active, You More Likely To Feel More Focused & Energised

The simple act of being active can boost our focus and energy levels. If you're a prospective student, getting started is the hardest part, but each class you attend should hopefully make attending classes easier as time goes on.

Instinctively, we like to progress. So as you start to experience the physical and mental benefits, you will be inspired to continue training and challenging yourself.

Martial Arts Can Help You Set Goals towards them and ideally exceed them. We all know that if a goal seems a long way off or seems like too much effort, some of us simply don't bother. Understand that once you've started, martial arts classes (particularly ones like Choi Kwang-Do which follow an organised belt rank system) provide many minor goals along the way such as learning objectives assigned to certain ranks and gradings.

Belt promotions can also be hugely rewarding!

Martial Arts Training Offers Support From Fellow Students

It is much easier to stay motivated when you have other people around you persuading and encouraging you along the way. Consider the co-operative, non-competitive nature of a Choi Kwang-Do class; you will find that other junior and senior students and instructors alike will always be keen to support you.

Friends, family and loved ones who are aware of your pursuits and goals can also play a big part here.

Read Maintaining Your Martial Arts Motivation (Part 1)

Jason Wright is a 6th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor in the martial art Choi Kwang-Do. For further information on Choi Kwang-Do classes in Ealing, West London visit

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Leadership & Black Belt Training/Tag Grading - 07/09/18

Choi Kwang-Do classes at Ealing resumed this week following a short summer break, and the same goes for our monthly Leadership & Black Belt Training sessions - Friday 7th September. This will take place from 7.00 - 9.00pm for all Junior Leaders, Assistant Instructors and Head Instructors and will include the black belt tag grading for those who are due.

(For any Junior Leaders or younger students who may need to leave early, this will be fine).

Sunday 25th November is date for the Regional Black Belt Dan Grading which a number of students are currently preparing for. If you're one of them you should be attending these monthly classes are part of your preparation, and there are only 3 left!

Please see below the dates below:

Friday 7th September – Black Belt Tag Grading
Friday 5th October
Friday 2nd November
Friday 7th December – Black Belt Tag Grading

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Ealing CKD Summer Schedule 2018

Classes are on but we wanted to advise of an amendment to our schedule: as usual at this time of the year, the children's classes are merged to 7.00pm only, so there will not be a 6.00pm class. This will commence from Wednesday 1st August and effective on the following dates:

7.00pm – 7.50pm Children’s Class (no 6.00pm class)
8.00pm – 9.15pm Teens & Adults

Wednesday 1st August
Monday 6th & Wednesday 8th August
Monday 13th & Wednesday 15th August

We then break for summer resuming on Monday 3rd September at the regular times of 6.00pm, 7.00pm and 8.00pm.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Coloured Belt Grading - July 2018

On Wednesday 18th July we'll be holding our last Coloured Belt Grading for the summer. We still have another preparation class on Monday 16th so make sure you're there to ask any last minute questions and complete final practise before the event.

Remember to bring a water bottle and safety equipment to every class.

Click here to pay grading fees online

View the list of remaining dates for 2018 here

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Leadership & Black Belt Training/Tag Grading - 15/06/18

Our June Black Belt Training on Friday 15th session will include our quarterly tag grading for those who are due:

7.00 - 8.00pm Junior Leaders
8.00 - 9.00pm Adult black belts/AIs & HIs

Click here to pay Grading Fees online

Remember, even if not grading this is an excellent opportunity to review your current syllabus and support your fellow seniors in their training. You will need them one day too!

Black Belt Grading - June 2018

Sunday 10th June is the date for the next Regional Black Belt Grading for several Choi Kwang-Do schools across London. On this occasion we have Param Sandhu from Ealing CKD testing for 1st Degree Black Belt.

Several students have said they plan to attend to support the event and details are below:

Wembley CKD
Barham Primary School
Danethorpe Road
Middx. HA0 4RQ

10.00am start

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

UK 30th Anniversary Seminar

Wow...what a week!

Gradings, guest instructors, school owners meetings, black belt training, showcase of excellence, seminar, presentations and promotions, training, learning, meeting Choi Kwang-Do friends and family, old and new, from around the UK and beyond - this week had it all.

Updates in the form of pictures and videos are currently in full swing across across the usual social media channels, and we suspect that this will continue for the next several days as students and instructors return to their respective schools, countries and training routines.

If you were present for any part of the events and have pictures that you are happy to share, please forward them so we can collate a small album. We truly hope that you were inspired by witnessing Grandmaster Choi explain and demonstrate the martial art that we study and teach at Ealing Choi Kwang-Do.

If you weren't present then make the most of the flow of updates as they are the next best thing! Until we get round to sharing some of our favourites moments we'd suggest starting with the CKD London 2018 Facebook Group which you can view here.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Leadership & Black Belt Training - 04/05/18

Friday 4th May is the date of our next Leadership & Black Belt Training session. This is a monthly class where senior students, Junior Leaders and Instructors get to train with other students of similar rank and focus on black belt syllabus. I like to call it development and maintenance. I say this because ultimately, these sessions serve a dual purpose:

1. They develop senior students and help to prepare them for the black belt grading
2. They support existing black belt students in maintaining the black belt standard

Like every other skill this is an on going process and naturally, in the martial arts there is a general desire to progress and improve. However, as a coloured belt, the rate of progress feels relatively 'fast'
especially during the beginner level (White Belt to Gold Belt Senior). Nearly every new belt brings new techniques, new drills and new concepts.

Fast forward to black belt and that rate of progress seems to decrease. Gradings are less frequent but more importantly, and there are much fewer new techniques and drills - it's more about refinement and enhancement to existing skills rather learning completely new skills. As a resulthe level of skill acquisition is far more subtle.

This is why the forthcoming seminar UK 30th Anniversary Seminar is so important. I can assure you that you will learn numerous pieces of information to help you refine and enhance both your physical performance of the martial art, and also your general understanding of Choi Kwang-Do. Black belts will also have the opportunity train with Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi in a separate session.

Further information including links for registration here 

Go directly to the seminar registration page

Get £10 off when you book your seminar and black belt training tickets at the same time - only £80.00 when you select Combo Ticket (normally £90).

Jason Wright is 6th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor in the martial art Choi Kwang-Do. For further information on Choi Kwang-Do classes in Ealing, West London visit

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

UK 30th Anniversary Seminar Registration Now Open

Tickets for the UK 30th anniversary seminar are now available. Don't miss your chance to learn from the founder of Choi Kwang-Do, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi. The seminar is open to all students and instructors and all ranks and ages. Plus, you can also be involved with the celebrations by taking part in the Showcase of Excellence. Blacks belts have a special training session planned also.

Read the full seminar update here 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Leadership & Black Belt Training/Tag Grading

Our rescheduled monthly class for seniors and black belts takes place on Friday 16th March. This session will also include our quarterly black belt tag grading for those that are due:

7.00 - 8.00pm Junior Leaders
8.00 - 9.00pm Adult Black Belt/AIs & HIs

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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Leadership & Black Belt Training - 02/02/18

The February class will be held on Friday 2nd:

7.00 - 8.00pm Junior Leaders
8.00 - 9.00pm Assistant & Head Instructor (followed by a short instructors briefing)

Having issued syllabus guides and covered patterns and speed drills last month, we'll be reviewing belt level techniques this month.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Combat The Real Dangers In Life With Martial Arts

If you’ve been thinking about taking up Choi Kwang-Do (or one of the many different martial arts that exist) you may be initially drawn to developing self-defence skills. After all, personal safety is important. Ironically, most martial artists have no desire to use their combat skills in real life. It can be reassuring to know that if the need arises you have some sort of strategy to fall back on, but how often will that occur for the average person?

As Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi (the founder of Choi Kwang-Do) says, “You may go through your entire life without ever having to use your self-defence skills, but good health is important to everyone, all the time”.

The thing is, there are other dangers that we face in life and it is important that we give ourselves the best chance of warding off these dangers. Consider these conditions and illnesses:

  • Stress
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Asthma
  • Bone and joint conditions
  • Obesity

These are all serious conditions that can negatively impact on a person and their families. So, finding ways to combat these conditions is crucial in leading a happy, healthy and productive life, in the best way that we can. This is why adding a martial arts class to your weekly schedule makes sense because it doesn’t just provide you with self-defence skills; it will provide you with health benefits and positive social setting that will go a long way to boosting your overall physical and mental health.

Feel Fit & Focused 

With martial arts, you will receive a total body experience with every muscle group in your body being used. This can help to improve your stamina levels, co-ordination and muscle tone while improving your flexibility. You should also find that your energy levels are positively impacted, helping you to feel more energised and focused.

This in turn can enhance your self-esteem. If you want to feel more confident or comfortable with yourself, a martial arts class can provide the fitness and psychological benefits you may need.

Beat That Stress!

If you are the sort of person that constantly feels under stress and pressure, always in a rush with no time, then it’s important to find an outlet for these emotions, plus some time for you. Allowing stress to build up is dangerous and you need to find a safe place to release these tensions. This is why martial arts can have a great impact on your life because it provides you the opportunity to punch, kick and shout your way through class drill, yet in a structured and controlled environment.

Add in the fact that martial arts students maintain a sense of fellowship – particularly so with a non-competitive style like Choi Kwang-Do, and you should find that your troubles and stress will feel less important. They will still be’ll just be better equipped to handle them!

Whether you want to lose weight, be more active, meet new people in a shared social environment or just feel more confident in life, martial arts classes can help. Focusing on the self-defence and combat element of the discipline can be a great motivation to start for some, but over time, the wider benefits of studying martial arts can help you to develop and grow in many areas of life.

Do you want to find out more about our Choi Kwang-Do martial art classes in Ealing? Interested in taking a free trial but not sure where to start? Contact us via our website so we can explain the process and put your mind at ease. 

Jason Wright is a 6th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor in the martial art Choi Kwang-Do. For further information on Choi Kwang-Do classes for children, teens and adults in Ealing, West London visit

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Leadership & Black Belt Training - 12/01/18

Our first of these monthly sessions for 2018 takes place on Friday 12th January at the usual times:

7.00 - 8.00pm Junior Leaders
8.00 - 9.00pm (followed by a short instructors briefing) AIs & HIs

View scheduled dates for the rest of 2018

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Black Belt Dan Gradings 2018

Please see below dates for Black Belt Dan Gradings during 2018 to be held at:

Wembley CKD
Barham Primary School
Danethorpe Road
Middx. HA0 4RQ

Sunday 10th June
Sunday 25th November

Coloured Belt Gradings 2018

Please see below proposed dates for Coloured Belt Gradings during 2018:

Wednesday 7th February
Wednesday 28th March
Wednesday 23rd May
Wednesday 18th July
Wednesday 26th September
Wednesday 21st November

Leadership & Black Belt Training 2018

Please see below dates for Leadership & Black Belt Training and Black Belt Tag Gradings during 2018:

Friday 12th January
Friday 2nd February
Friday 2nd March – Black Belt Tag Grading
Friday 20th April
Friday 4th May
Friday 15th June – Black Belt Tag Grading
Friday 6th July
Friday 3rd August
Friday 7th September – Black Belt Tag Grading
Friday 5th October
Friday 2nd November
Friday 7th December – Black Belt Tag Grading

Don't forget the Regional Black Belt Training event on Sunday 18th March! Click here for further details