Friday, 24 February 2017

Maintaining Your Martial Arts Motivation - Part 1

We've recently completed belt presentations following the first coloured belt grading of 2017. Here are a few tips to keep you motivated as you start learning your new syllabus.

Keep The Habit

We are naturally creatures of habit. Therefore, the habit of your practise is one that we should strive to continue. There will always be occasions when we have to miss classes, but aim to plan them into your week and avoid missing your scheduled classes. If you train one class per week and have to miss a class, plan in advance to attend an alternative class. By maintaining class attendance as a habit (and don't forget practise at home too) in time it will become second nature.

Keep Mentally Focused

Avoid comparing yourself with others. Instead, keep your focus on your own journey and your own development in Choi Kwang-Do. Being mentally motivated is a big part, maybe even a bigger part, than just being physically ready. If helpful, make a note of the scheduled dates for coloured belt gradings and black belt gradings. These dates can help you to chart your projected progress and achievements, and assist with your mental focus and motivation.

Keep Inspired

Instead of just focusing on finding motivation, consider also finding inspiration. Motivation often comes from someone telling us we have to do something, while inspiration is an internal desire to do something. Consider what inspired you to learn martial arts or visit our school in Ealing in the first place?

Think about a student or instructor, or another individual that inspires you (Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi, the founder of Choi Kwang-Do is an obvious choice here. In fact, here's one of my personal favourite inspirational videos of Grandmaster Choi). Maybe there's a piece of music, a book or a film that gets you really inspired? Whatever works for you.

Keep The Faith

If you're a new student it can seem like there is a lot to learn. It can even be overwhelming. Have faith; by following points above, I can promise you that while Choi Kwang-Do will still be challenging, understand that it will get easier.

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Jason Wright is a 6th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor in the martial art Choi Kwang-Do. For further information on Choi Kwang-Do classes in Ealing, West London visit