Tuesday, 12 March 2019

March 2nd 1987

March 2nd is World Choi Kwang-Do Day.

Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi, the founder of CKD turned 77 years young (or old - it's matter of perspective...) If you attended any of the anniversary seminar events in June 2018 you'll have learnt that Grandmaster Choi is an innovator in the field of martial arts and has a career spanning 6 decades.

It was also the 32nd anniversary of CKD. It was on March 2nd in 1987 that Grandmaster Choi announced his new martial art - Choi Kwang-Do, which translates as "the art of Kwang Choi" - to the world. The result of several years of research to create a martial art based on modern science that is good for your health, and powerful, yet gentle on the human body. (Officially launching in the UK in 1988, it's actually the UK's 31st anniversary).

Thanks to the parents and siblings that joined us recently to mark the special occasion.

Some of our students may not have seen Grandmaster Choi perform so we also showed a few video clips at the end of the classes. As promised, to save you hours of searching through YouTube I've shared them here for your convenience (not the curriculum DVDs, however).

In this first one from the early 1990s, eagle-eyed black belts may notice early versions of our black belt patterns and speed drills.

See if you can spot any of our instructors from Ealing CKD in this next clip.

Lastly, a personal favourite (which I like so much I copied)

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